Our Story

Born into a Cajun family & growing up in South Louisiana, there were many sayings that were unique to our culture.

In Cajun Country, the saying "Down The Bayou" traditionally means South.

This saying can be used in numerous ways during conversation amongst family and friends...from giving directions to simply saying that you're headed home for the evening.

So, in honor of my heritage, I decided that Down The Bayou was a perfect name for our company.

Down The Bayou Spice Co blends are made with all-natural ingredients.

Our blends contain no preservatives & no fillers ... just a perfectly balanced blend of spices producing that great flavor of South Louisiana.

Using professional methods, we're able to maintain that same great taste from can to can providing a product that you can count on for all of your culinary adventures.

Currently, Down The Bayou Spice Co offers 4 unique spice blends:

Cajun Spice
Garlic & Herb Seasoning
Blackening Spice
Cajun Sweetness